6. going on hiatus

Hey! I'm just so stressed guys. Studies haven been killing me and keeping me super duper busy. Being a student is pretty stressful. It's even worse when all of the teachers and my parents/family have high hopes on me. I must get 9A's for my trials, which is starting next week.

And most of the teachers aimed for 5A+ for me with the other 4 subjects as A's and I just don't know whether I can do it or not. My real exam is on November and I'm so scared. I just hope that this will be over soon. I cannot handle the stress. I feel like crying :'(

So, I hope you understand why I'm inactive lately on DeviantArt, the graphic forums and of course, this blog. But please forgive me for that. I might be completely gone for a few months. I'll be back on December, I hope :(

For my beloved DeviantArt fans and watchers, please don't worry. All the resources are being made slowly if I have time. I know I'll be back on December so most of the resources you've picked for my 600+ Watchers Celebration will be posted slowly after my finals on November. Please don't get angry and spam my notes with questions. It happened yesterday and I was really not happy.

And to all my followers of this blog, I hope you understand too. It's just that I cannot take this exam very lightly. But I'll come and check my social media accounts from time to time though so, yeah.

I know that some of you just don't understand. I'm a student. I'm not just a normal student but I can say that I'm a top student because I'm one of the top 10 in school and the whole school has very, very high hopes on me and my other 9 classmates, so imagine the stress guys. So yeah.

But yeah, wish me luck guys. Trials is next week and 9A's is like a must for me but I know it's not impossible to do it if I do my last minute studies for trials from now. So, yeah. Spend your time well during the 4-5 months when I go on hiatus temporarily. And thank you so much for all your love and support!

Well, that was done. I'm sorry for this long message but yeah. Today I only have 1 signature for you but fear not. As I said, I'll be back on December and that being said, I'll be back with a blast! Many resources, graphics and tutorials will be posted! Stay tuned for more little updates like this! And again, thanks for understanding!

Cheers, Khan