7. a happy new year

Hello there! How's everyone doing? It's been so long! Hahaha, well, we've finally made it to 2017, so very Happy New Year I wish to all of you <3 As you all know, I was on hiatus previously because I had exams, and now with the exams over, I have a lot of free time in my hands!

Although I do have a lot of free time, I'm sorry for not posting earlier as I have so many things to settle at DeviantArt for new resources + graphics and stuff like that. I'm an Ambassador on Wattpad too so I'm quite busy with it. So, that's why I didn't get to post last year!

So now, here I am. Though I have just little resources today for you so yeah. I'm sorry for it xD Okay, today, I've got you 2 signatures, 3 PSD colourings and 1 stock pack. Is that enough? xD I hope so!

So, I hope to see you guys again next week, maybe? Till then, hasta la bye bye!

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